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Since 1999 Macpherson Publishing has specialized in the manufacture of catalogues on CD-ROM. We are fully equipped to design, maintain & manufacture electronic catalogues of all sizes. We can even convert your existing printed material to digital format.

For an example of our work, please download the following file:
vo.zip (unzip and run vo.exe to view the catalogue)

Another product similar to the Digital Catalogue is The Internet Disk. The Internet Disk gives computer users without Internet access the ability to browse your website.

Here is how it works: we take the files that make up your web site and place them in a self contained viewing program. This program is then saved to CD, floppy or mini-disk and can be run on any computer. This product has been given the nickname "The Digital Business Card" as this has become its most popular use.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or a free quote on a digital catalogue.

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